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The legacy of "Old Time" Ham Radio Operators can be found in the QSL Cards they left behind. This Website is dedicated to those Old Time Radio Operators.

I have a Collection of Old (US and Canadian) Ham Radio QSL Cards dating from the early 1920s. 

A complete list of Old QSL Cards now totaling more than 56 THOUSAND can be accessed by clicking on the
Master File Database Link below. Over 22 Hundred Online Scans of Old QSL Cards are also available by clicking on the required Scan Link.

I now have over 5000 NOVICE cards listed in the database. Improvements and updates will continue to be made, as the Collection grows and I learn more about this WEB PAGE DESIGN "stuff", so check back often.

Old QSL Cards are an important part of our Ham Radio History that need to be preserved. The Goal of my project is to save as many of these Old QSL Cards as possible to keep them from ending up in the Land Fills of America. It is also my goal to get as many of these Old QSL Cards back into the hands of the families where they originated or to the people they mean the most to.

Please help me with this important project. I appreciate all donations including Old QSL Cards (1920s - 1989), especially from old Silent Key Estates. Send me that shoebox full of Old QSL Cards that you've been wanting to get rid of.

If you are looking for an old HAM friend (Elmer), relative, or just searching for a card from the former holder of your new "Vanity Call", check my database then email your request (by CALL SIGN). I will make scanned copies of any QSL Cards I have, and make them available to you. I have hundreds of Novice Old QSL Cards listed as well.


      " If you turn on an old dusty tube type receiver, listen very carefully using an old pair of headphones and tune the receiver ever so slowly, you can still hear their faint signals off in the distance ..... "

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Any card listed in the DATABASE File can be yours with a few exceptions. If you spot one and are interested and want to know more about owning the card let me know here. I want to see as many old QSL cards back into the hands of the people they mean the most to. Many of these old historic documents will find their way back to families from whom they were first sent.
All donations received are used to help offset monthly website expenses and to allow me to purchase more old QSL Cards for the collection. All your donations are certainly appreciated. I recently celebrated my 14th year of researching, locating, maintaining and updating this site. Help me continue this project for another 14 years.

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A "Special Thanks" to all of you who have helped by donating to my project, given me the help and encouragement to keep this going for more than 10 years. There are now too many to name but you know who you are.

I will continue to offer a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Bob Ballantine W8SU for his continued Articles, Contributions, and Guidance.

"Gone, but Not Forgotten"
                contributor w8su

  • W3CRA Frank Lucas 1909-82 Pt 1

  • W3CRA Frank Lucas 1909-82 Pt 2

  • W8BKE Tom Hedges 1910-64  

  • W8BKP George Morrow 1908-94

  • W8FRY Donald Hoffman D.1956

  • W8KM Creed O. Russell 1916-88

  • W9EGQ-W9AD Herbert S. Brier 1914-77

  • Our "Radio Row" before the WTC

  • Radio Row Part 2 before the WTC

  • Radio Row Part 3 before the WTC

  • Radio Row Part 4 Radio Row Revisited

  • Arrow Electronics at Radio Row

  • Radio Row's Heins and Bolet 1938

  • Hugo Gernsback

  • N2DAN Steve Nurkiewics

  • W1KOO Paul E. Hope USCG

  • W3HRD CWO William Ruth

  • W9TO James Ricks

  • WA6VJP Edward A. Sanders

  • W2OY Myron H. Premus

  • W8ZCV Walt Burdine

  • 8GZ Loren G. Windom

  • W1CJD Philip "Gil" Gildersleeve

  • W1CJD Gil's Daughter Barbara Gildersleeve Tripoli

  • W8EA Otto Eppers

  • W8EA Our Old Chum Otto Eppers

  • The Elgin Watch Company

  • W3CUL Mae Burke

  • 3YN James Smith

  • W8RP Roy Purchase

  • K4SGQ Gil Comstock

  • K2AE Henry Primm Broughton

  • KCB Scotch Cap Light USCG

  • W1FH  Charles Mellen

  • W8DX  R.I. Richard J. Cotton

  • W2ATZ  Eric Palmer, Jr.

  • W2APF  Uncle Dave and Paul's Surplus

  • K2OJY  Minford Starr

  • W2ZBY   Steven E. McCallum

  • W5RU  Roy Alciatore

  • W3LH  Carl Dannerth

  • W8WE  Bart Geib

  • Part1  The Chair Warmers Club

  • Part2  The Chair Warmers Club

  • Part3  The Chair Warmers Club

  • Part4  The CWC Club Convention 1931

  • Final   Dedication to Walt Colpus

  • Herbert  W. Gordon Company 

  • W1HDQ  Ed Tilton

  • W5BQU  "Big Quick and Ugly".

  • W7OE  Howard Pyle

  • W1GBE  Percy Spencer

  • K8ABP  Ealon Lamphier

  • K2LEM  Bob Singer

  • W8GJX  Helen Cloutier Schmock

  • AC6V  Rod Dinkins

  • WA2YL  Jan Scheuerman

  • W2ARX   NJ Troop C NJSP

  • W8FYX   Harvey Ball

  • W8SGN   Officer Walt Dawson

  • Trenton's  Old Timers Night Round-Up & Banquet

  • W3RFG   Martha Brooks from Hatboro PA

  • W3RFG   Martha Brooks Part2

  • K1APY   A Log Book Entry from the Past

  • W9ZJQ   Martin Walter, Jr.

  • Link   Charles F. Brush Family Tribute

  • W3NCC   Richard Roxas

  • W1DF   George Grammer

  • W8III   Elmo R. Laucks

  • 8CR    Powel Crosley, Jr.

  • W9NZZ   Stan Surber

  • W8WBR   Norman G. Buettner

  • W9OEP   and The Pavek Museum

  • W9INN   Bill Fanckboner

  • W3DD   Dr. Thomas A. Benham

  • W3CDQ   Emzie Zandonini

  • W9EGV   John T. Frye

  • Macs Radio Service Shop  and John T. Frye

  • 3YA   Mary T. Loomis Part1

  • 3YA   Mary T. Loomis Part2

  • W2LV   2CQZ Robert M. Morris

  • W2HAZ   William F. Petty QSL era etall

  • 8NH   The Candler's of St. Marys, OH

  • W1FTJ  Dorothy "Dot" Wilkins Evans

  • W1FTJ  "Dot"s Evans Radio and Family

  • W1FTJ  "Dot"s om W1BFT Carl Evans

  • W8KEG  Ken Genheimer

  • W6TC  Ted Crosby

  • WA4DGA  George Floyd, Jr.

  • WA4OKK  Eugene Yoakum

  • W8OVJ  Forrest E. Hothem and Mobiliers

  • K2UXN  Officer Joe Schnorbus

  • KFWO  Major Lawrence Mott

  • WAR  War Emergency Radio Service

  • W7ESJ  Lt. Edward Conyngham

  • KB8RQI  Wes Gould

  • 8BIB  PA State Patrol and Early Commun.Sys

  • W2KUW  Ted Dames

  • N4MB  Mitchell (Mickey) Bacow
       The original W8JYZ

  • W9TIP  Wallace Rockefeller

  • Frye and Brier   VTI Valparaiso Techincal Institute

  • 8FC  W8FC Herbert W. Irving

  • W4KFC  Vic Clark

  • Three Brown Hams  W5HFS W5IZL W5FYZ

  • W0CY  Jim McKim "Mr. Ham Radio"

  • W9IGP  "Indiana's Gabby Preacher" Rev Val Thomson

  • W0OTU  "Father Gordon Mycue

  • W8NBV  Wendell King

  • W8RHZ  Harry L. Steffan  

  • W8RHZ  Harry L. Steffan QST 1941

  • W8RHZ  Harry L. Steffan Final

  • W2JIO  Bob Gunderson

  • 60 years ago  W8SU

  • W6QQU  Leslie Funston

  • Johnny Lupton  and WCAU

  • W3VKD  Art Lewis

  • W3VKD 2  Ham Register 1958

  • 2AZK  Young Robert Marx from "Radio Rescue"

  • W9DQD  We reach out W9DQD to the sky and find friends.

  • W8TAY  Anita Bien

  • W3MAC  Lewis J. Papp (Blind Opr.)

  • W3ABC  Hugh A. Turnbull

  • W8IHJ  Frederick J. Charavay

  • W8QHV  Merle Werts

  • W4BCO  Clarence "Casey" Jones

  • 8AK  J. Homer McMunn

  • 2CVJ  Robert Hart

  • W6ITH D. D.Reginald Tibbetts

  • 8NQ Cambridge Ohio Partnership

  • W2SAI  John D. Ransom

  • K4SGQ  Sonny Comstock

  • W2PMA  Ms. Lillian Ruscco

  • W5DQQ  Ernest W. Zrubeck Jr.

  • W8CTZ  Warren E. Sladky

  • W0GFU  Myron E. Hornbaker

  • W1HUH  Sister Mary Emiliana

  • W3AWH  Dr. Yardley Beers

  • W8TCP  Dale Phillips

  • W0CBL  Author, Lester Dent

  • W8VP  James C. (Nick) Nicholson Part 1

  • W8VP  James C. (Nick) Nicholson Part 2

  • W7JWJ_W7QGP  Harry Lewis W7JWJ and Mary Lewis W7QGP

  • K2AAA  Donald Merten

  • W3SHY  Jack N. Brown

  • W2FDE  Sidney L. Deitz

  • KA2ZOR  Frank (Zoro) Spicer

  • W8ANP  Joe Desch

  • W8QNU  Louis Sandor

  • W2EA  Walter W. Schmidt and Cambridge, OH

  • K2BJB  Maurice Bruno Lindenaux Mariner and CW King

  • W8ERN  Evangelo (Ange) Diamantoni

  • N1FJD  Mark S. Geisler

  • W8ZJE  Vincent W. Ekman

  • W9WWP  Carol Anne Keating Witte

  • W0GPT  Fr.Thomas Haller

  • W6CNE  J. Roy Hunt

  • W6CNE  J. Roy Hunt Page 2 update

  • W5DEW  Mary G. Key Palmer Dosland

  • W3FNL  Jospeh Piechowski

  • K2AZJ  Richard J. Klensch

  • W9PJ  Blind Mike Mateske

  • W6CKS  WWI VET Harry Hurley

  • N2KIC  Mike and Joan Alterman

  • W4CXG  Lemuel Eugene Baker

  • W2DSE  George Wallington

  • W8ROP  Ruth E. Raub and Louis A. Raub

  • WA1PGBP  Lorin Hollander

  • 1CCZ  Edward C. Crossett

  • W1HUH  Sr. Emiliana

    "Old QSL Cards from
      Famous Hams"
                    contributor w8su

  • 1AW   Hiram Percy Maxim   "The Old Man"

  • 2XM   Dr. Michael Pupin

  • W6FZZ   Samuel Morse III

  • W6QUT   Freeman Gosden

  • K4LIB   Arthur Godfrey

  • K4LIB Final   Arthur Godfrey and "Ecology"

  • K4LIB   Young Red in the Coast Guard

  • K4LIB   Godfrey on Safari

  • K4LIB   Godfrey UFO

  • K4LIB   Arthur Godfrey, SUPERSTAR never given his DUE...

  • W2ZXM   Capt. Kurt Carlsen

  • W2ZXM   60th anniversary of the Flying Enterprise

  • W1ZD and W1RF Harvey and Wells

  • G5RV   R. Louis Varney

  • N6GKV   Art Gilmore

  • W6ZH   Herbert Hoover, Jr.

  • AC3PT   King of Sikkim

  • EA0JC   King Juan Carlos of Spain

  • JY1   King Hussein of Jordan

  • K6DUE   Roy Neal

  • W2SKE   Bill Leonard

  • KD4WUJ   Patti Loveless

  • WB6RER   Andy Devine  

  • W1ZE   Irving Vermilya

  • K1AYA   Walter (Pee Wee) Hunt

  • LI2B   Thor Heyerdahl

  • WB4KCG   Ronnie Milsap

  • WN6RNR   Priscilla Paris

  • VU2RG   Gandhi

  • WN3OQW   Jim Croce

  • 8GZ W8GZ   Maj Gen Loren Windom

  • W4LAA   Paul Kangas

  • K0DWC   Gen Butch Griswold  

  • K0GRL   Gen Curtis LeMay

  • WB6ZJR   Mrs. Lee DeForest

  • 3BVA   Fred Link

  • W4OKA   Robert M. Rickover

  • KH6XM   Douglas Dragon

  • 2CSC   Dr. Allen B. DuMont

  • N0JSP   Fred C. Harman

  • N4HZP   Uncle Henry Harrison

  • W2CKD   Tex Beneke

  • DU7SV   Volt Sotto  


  • KB2GSD   Walter Cronkite

  • W2RID   John F. Rider

  • K6BJ   John L. Reinartz

  • W6NAZ   Lenore Jensen

  • KE6PZH, FO8GJ   Marlon Brando, Jr.

  • K7UGA, K3UIG   Sen Barry Goldwater

  • W6SGP Cliff Arquette aka Charlie Weaver  

  • W9AC   William J. Halligan

  • WA6PVA   Joe Rudi

  • WA6PVA   Joe Rudi (part2)

  • W2PVR   Warden Ed Dros

  • 8AHF 8BCY   Franklin A. Seiberling, Jr.

  • W2MGE   Martin Block

  • W9BRD   Rod Newkirk

  • KB3DE   V Admiral Lawson P. Ramage

  • N6YOS   Priscilla Beaulieu Presley

  • W2MEZ   Raymond Scott

  • KB2CRO   Franklin Delano Roosevelt III

  • WA6AEH   Johnny Zell

  • K8HDO   Karla Lortz

  • OE3AH   Anton Habsburg

  • N3EA   Joseph M. Hertzberg

  • 8AGR   F. Dawson Bliley

  • W3ACE   Armin H. Meyer

  • K2AES   Thomas S. Kneitel

  • K2AGZ   David Mann

  • W6UK   Alvino Rey

  • W6TNS   Don Stoner  

  • W0GFQ  OM Leo

  • W5CY   Howard (Sonny) Hughes

  • K1JT   Joseph Taylor, Jr

  • W2NSD   Wayne S. Green

  • W6PF   William Stancil

  • W0ORE   Dr. Tony England

  • W6OBB   Art Bell

  • W4CGP   Chet Atkins

  • W6FY   Ben Moses

  • W9MKR   Dr. Jan Leestma

  • K6DXK   Ernest Lehman

  • WA2MKI   Larry Ferrari

  • W6VLH  Mel Shavelson  

  • W6AG   Red Blanchard

  • W2BDS   Michael Ercolino

  • 6OI   Brandon Wentworth

  • N8XKH   Dr. Charles Billington

  • 3XQ   C. Stuart Ballantine

  • W4TXL   Zachary Taylor Reynolds

  • 9DZT   Parker Gates

  • W4UF   Dr. Dorothy Saunders

  • W1DBM   Philip S. Rand

  • W2DJJ   Col. Robert Hertzberg

  • VP9F   Dr. Reginald Fessenden

  • WN6OLL   Susan Gordon
  • WN6OLL in CQ Susan's CQ Article from Sep 1966

  • K6APL  Bert I. Gordon "Mr. Big"

  • W9JC   Chester Thordarson

  • 1BBO   Harris Fahnestock  

  • KW7CD   Cornell Drentea

  • W2GT   A. Edward Hopper

  • W2OJW   Gerald Powell

  • K4LMB   Ethel Smith

  • W9NBX   Enid Carter Aldwell

  • 9K2CS   Dr. Muhammad Al-Sabah

  • W8CYE   Robert L. Drake

  • W6VR   Faust Gonsett

  • HI8MMJ   Manny Mota

  • W6RCL   Alan Kaul

  • W2GHK   Stuart F. Meyer

  • WA4SIR   Dr. Ronald Parise

  • W8KR   Leo Wilcox

  • FR8VX  Prince Nguyen Phuoc Bao Vang

  • W2GND  Harry A. Harchar

  • 8ACH  John Victoreen

  • W2SAI  J. Dawson Ransome

  • N8JR  Joel M. Rose

  • W5VV  Wilmer Lawson Allison, Jr.

  • W9YZE  Harry Turner

  • W6UOU  Ted Henry

  • W1FB  Doug DeMaw

  • VE2QS  Maurice Durieux

  • W8PAL  Al Gross

  • K4ZVZ  General Paul Tibbets I

  • Tibbets  General Paul Tibbets II

  • KB4VJG  Tommy Tucker

  • K2KOQ  Johnny Donovan

  • Johnny Mercer  Morse Code in Hollywood

  • K6BX  Clif Evans USNRET

  • W6AQ  Dave Bell

  • W6CDG  Dr. Clyde Wiegand

  • 9DRV  David Packard

  • I1JGM  John Geloso

  • W9GTY  Jack S. Kilby

  • K2FV  Major General Earle F. Cook

  • AE9B  Tom Baugh

  • K2GL  Hazard Buz Reeves

  • W6KVY  Ted Cheesman

  • W0FQY  Carl Mosley

  • 8CR  Powel Crosley

  • W2ADC  Who was John Rogers?

  • W2ADC  John Rogers Holiday Wish

  • CQville  Ruth Sokolow's CQville

  • W1PU  Sylvester Hooley Ahola

  • W2IDZ  Ed Ladd

  • W8WV  Captain Hoyt S. Scott USN

  • W6MBD  Harry M. Leonard MGM

  • 8LA  Sam Slyfield

  • Father Flanagan's  Boys Town

  • SU1A  King Farouk I of Eygpt and Sudan

  • CE0AE  Friar David L. Reddy from Easter Island

  • W6DZD  Maxwell Kelch Visionary and Co-founder of
        KENO Las Vegas's first successful Commercial radio station.

  • K6HSZ  Lee Gillette

  • King Hassan II  of Morocco

  • VU2BK  Major Gen. Rustom Zal Kabraji, AVSM (Retd)

  • W9DYV  Wesley R. Schum and Central Electronics

  • N4BQW  Capt Chuck Brady USN RET

  • W8ECQ  William Goggin

  • W6TWT  Leo LaPorte

  • W8JK  Dr. John D. Kraus

  • 6BU  Dr. Phillips Thygeson MD

  • W5CYI  Lt Col Marcel Sr.

  • W0AVQ  Dr. Paul Crouch

  • W6DOE  Clarence Leonidas Fender

  • W2LBF-W6BMG  Walter Zuckerman

  • W8JHD  Bob Grove

  • KK6OTD  Timothy Allen Dick (Last Man Standing)


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    - many more 1950s-80s including more NOVICE cards were added & more are coming soon!

    - I have many more US and Canadian Old QSL Cards that are not listed in the current database. Feel free to email me so I can check my unlisted cards.


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  • Link - Old Time Radio Shacks continues to be a viewer favorite. See how your current shack compares to some from the 1930s and 40s. You will find operators took special care to make their shacks very special.

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    Once Upon a Theme...

  • Link - The Early Days

  • Link - ARRL and W1AW

  • Link - Radios we loved and wished
                   we had again!!

  • Link - A Face from the Past

  • Link - Schools, Clubs and Universities

  • Link - Cards that make us Smile

  • Link - Philip Gildersleeve
                   and his gift to Ham Radio

  • Link - The many faces of
                    Otto Eppers 8EA

  • Link - The Ladies of Ham Radio

  • Link - The Military and Ham Radio

  • link - VA Hospitals

  • Link - Proud to be an American

  • Link - Hams who challenged
                   their disabilities

  • Link - Multiple Cards and Multiple

  • Link - Before the Bombings and Invasions, before the Offensives and the Retreats, before the Death and Destruction known as WWII, before they were Allies or Axis, they were HAMS and SWLers

  • W8SU 60 years ago for W8SU

  • Link - W9GFQ W0GFQ WRL's
          Leo Meyerson - OM Leo

  • Did you know
          Vanity and Call Sign History

  • 1929 Young Arthur Godfrey

  • W10XFH Stratospheric Balloon Race

  • W8DNH and the Four Immortal Chaplains

    View these 1930s photos Link
    If you are familar with this group or these photos and can share some insight please email. I received these from K5FNG Dave McCombs in Spring, TX. The W8PJB old QSL Card is part of my "QSL Cards from the Past" collection.

    Early Warning Notice Click here
    This is a Warning Notice issued by the William B. Duck Company in Toledo, OH issuing a Warning to all new wireless operators to be careful of what they see as a "GOOD DEAL" that might not necessarily be. Thank you Bob Balantine for the article.

    Click here  
    Read about ABC News Anchor
    Peter Jennings SWLer. New full 30 minute Peter Jennings 1986 behind the scenes video unedited from London's ABC Studios

    Bermuda The Nonstop Air Race to Bermuda

    Ka-imi-loa The Kaimiloa Expedition

    ARRL's Tribute to Hendersonville's
    own Harry Mills K4HU (sk) Be sure to listen to the "All Things Considered" Link. Good Stuff...

    NOTICE !!
    Old DX QSL Cards not part of the collection are for sale on eBay!!.

    9AHX  and College Football
    Star "Red Grange"

    Watch this 30 minute video produced by Hallicrafters in 1944 showing their War effort to produce Mobile Radio units that would help to coordinate radio communications in the field during WWII. "The Voice of Victory"

  • W2ICE  Bruce Kelley

    After reading about the old "Spark" transmitters of the early 1900s have you ever wondered what they really sounded like? Watch Bruce Kelley(sk) demonstrate these old "Spark Gap" transmitters. Click here and watch the 10 minute Video.

    Last Contact before the Ham Radio Blackout during WWII
    W2NYY   Read about this Dec. 7, 1941 Ham Radio
    contact and the tragedy that followed at Pearl Harbor.

    Ham Radio Operations came to a halt after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and America's entry into WWII. Stateside, everybody worked to produce materials needed for the War effort and many contributed by buying WAR BONDS There are no QSL Cards to show during the War years but here are some WAR BONDS posters displayed during those years.

    W8QCS  Bruce Batchelor's brush with History in the summer of 1937

    U.S.C.G.C. Mackinaw WAGB-83

    NRKP  The Story behind this Picture

    Telegraph Road If you've ever spent time in Detroit, then you've probably drivin on Telegraph Road.

    The Story of two QSL Cards

    "Living Hams who have made Notable Contributions to our Hobby"  
    contributor w8su

  • K2UYH  Dr. Allen Katz EME

  • N6KR and WA6HHQ  Elecraft

  • K9EID  Bob Heil

  • K4ZDH   Riley Hollingsworth

  • W2PAJ  George Jacobs

  • WB6NOA  Gordon West

  • W2HAI  New York State School for the Blind

  • K5CPZ  Carol Lynch


  • K8AXW   3 ham friends he was able to Elmer

  • More Tributes  for Ham Friends and Elmers

    Early Short Wave Listeners should be remembered for their efforts

    If you were an active Short Wave Listener SWL before you got your ticket, you might find your old SWL Card listed on the SWL Page !!

    From SWL to Ham Radio by W8SU

    SWL Cards   SWL Scans

    ARRL Radiogram from 1930

    50s looking for that rare DX

    SWL's Hard at work

    60s SWL's Listening Post

  • Dave Garroway  Early morning friend and

  • DX King of Hollywood  Richard Arlen

  • Jackie Gleason   He loved to listen

  • Senator John Glenn   SWLer

  • David Letterman   SWLer

  • Prajadhipok   King of Siam

  • Henry Mortimer   Silent Screen Star

  • Calvert Deforest   "Bud" Melman SWLer

  • Roger Legge   SWLer

  • W2PNA   Amateur, SWLer and Author Hank Bennett

  • Ken Boord   SWL Editor

  • Donald Jeffrey Herbert   "Mr. Wizard" SWLer

  • W8SZT   Remembering Eddie Urban

  • Carl Forestieri   Bronx NY SWLer

  • Pedro Gonzales Gonzales  SWLer

  • Johnny Cash  SWLer

  • Les Paul  "The Wizard of Waukesha"

  • William Watson  WWII B17 Pilot and SWLer 1

  • William Watson  SWLer 2

  • Louis Armstrong  "Satchmo" SWLer

  • NY ATC  Part 1 Air Traffic Control HF

  • NY ATC  Part 2 Air Traffic Control HF

  • Weegee Fellig  King of the Speed Graphic

  • Emile  St. Amour SWLer

  • JFK  was an SWLer

  • Willis  Conover, Jr. SWLer

  • Arthur Fiedler   from the Boston Pops. SWLer

  • Thomas Edison  SWLer


  • Ollie Ross MW and SWL Expert 

  • SWL'er Champ  Ollie Ross 1

  • SWL'er Champ  Ollie Ross 2

  • Carleton Lord  SWLer

  • Jeanne Eagels  SWLer

  • Sinatra  "Ol Blue Eyes" SWLer

    Some of my Favorite
    Old QSL Cards

    Click  to read the story
    behind this magical card!

    Looks like he took a night off from his busy Presidential Campaign having received the Nomination just a few weeks earlier, to relax and "Chat with his Ham Radio friends".

    More of my Favorite
    Old QSL Cards

    W9EIL   Notice the hand drawn face

    W9AGK 1932   30s design not seen in todays cards

    W1DDC   This is a hand painted card

    VE3AY            VE6LL            W1BGZ

    VE4ACR          VE4ID            W0UPT

    W8IER            W9UIQ   a special card

    W6DWQ          W7DDU

    W6ACN   1st CA. Ham License Plate 1954

    W5BQU Tex Burdick "Big Quick and Ugly" 1955

    W1NCX   This QSO was made during the Silent Period of WWII??

    WA4AZZ and WA4BMC  This 1970s station has a lot to look at!!

    Dept of Commerce 1928   Original Radio Division Letter to all Amateurs about call sign change

      Great Lakes Expo in Cleveland OH June 27 -Oct 4            1936. Ya we missed that one too.

  • 1936   Even in 1936 they had a Band Plan to follow.

  • Lynwood Labs   e1930s

  • 1954  Mount. St. Helens B4 the "Big Blast"

    Two old Friends of WNC Ham Radio

  • W4HVL 1948 now SK            KA4CAC 1979 now SK

    1954 GCRC   W8ATB and W8GJH

    Some "Old Time"
    Radio Shacks

    Response to "Old Time Radio Shacks" has been very good. If you have a favorite picture and would like it posted on this page, please email the picture to me in jpg format. I will make room here for all good pictures of "Old Time Shacks". LINK   Click here for MANY more HAM SHACK PICS.

    Wireless Operator about 1910

    Operator Harold   BEV 1915

    W3CXE 1930s

    W9GET 1932

    W8PGL 1937

    W6NXW 1937

    W6FFW 1938

    W9UKW 1940s

    W8RHZ 1950s

    W4AA 1950s

    K9UMV 1960

    W6CBA 1960s

    WA8AYB 1962

    K4YYR 1960s Mobile



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